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Our practice

Holistic personal service

Jessica Matson Architecture provide a comprehensive personalised service to assist with every stage of your renovation project. From planning through to construction, we are able to manage every phase of the process to minimise stress and inconvenience for our clients. Our service model ensures that you only pay for services you need and you can tailor each phase of the project to meet your specific requirements.  Wherever feasible, we only work with trusted consultants and builders to make your renovation experience as positive as possible.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of all JMA projects and informs all aspects of our practice. Most importantly, we design beautiful buildings that minimise ongoing energy and water consumption through passive solar design.

Functionality & sustainability

Design for small sites

JMA have extensive experience and expertise in designing beautiful and functional compact homes for challenging small sites. We have an excellent track record of obtaining development approvals for difficult sites, including managing heritage, aircraft noise, solar access and tree protection challenges.

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