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"Jessica’s approach to finding solutions in a challenging situation is commendable."

My project was a redevelopment of a duplex in Bondi. The site is a sloping block with many challenges not only with the land but with neighbours and council restrictions and regulations.


Jessica Matson was instrumental in the development of the project from the start. Initially designing a renovation/additions  to both apartments of the old dwelling. This included, a loft area, garages and balconies being added to the existing homes and reconfiguring most of the internal areas. The concept of the various additions was not accepted by neighbours and subsequently rejected in council. With only partial  approvals to the renovations the redesign concept was not achievable.


In hindsight it was a blessing as we finally got to redevelop the site. With a lot of ground work  already done, Jessica was able to redesign everything from the ground up. Jessica knew exactly how to incorporate my expectations and visions into the design. As the project progressed there were moments where costs could have been cut if the design was adjusted. I was weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of these various alternatives. Pressured by constraints placed on us by council, space and height restrictions.


But in the end, happy to say, stuck with all Jessica’s recommendations. Not only in materials but her creative architectural designs. The apartments are each unique, taking total advantage of light, position of windows, stairs, skylights, ceiling heights while closely meeting council requirements and regulations.


From the very first concept drawings, I was totally engrossed in the project. Jessica’s approach to finding solutions in a challenging , to say the least, situation is commendable. Where others find it difficult to for see potential problems, Jessica was able to point them out, inform other trades and get appropriate certification.


Her ability to attend to legal matters, coordinate all trades, communicate with other engineers and council was also really appreciated. Although these negotiations were outside her engagement with me, I was totally dependant on her for these skills.


It has been a pleasure working with Jessica on my development in Bondi and I cant thank her enough for being there throughout the project with all the refreshing ideas and the consistent feeling that someone ‘has your back’


I highly recommend Jessica for her knowledge, commitment, meeting deadlines, creativity, timely responses, sensitivity and experience.

Sonya, North Bondi





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